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2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport

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In Russell, PA. 155000 miles, hard top. In good condition Has some very minor rust and a few drops of oil leaking. Comes with Brakemaster cylinder.

jaymengel at hotmail.com


Automatic, 4X4, Cruise control.


Blue book: http://www.kbb.com/jeep/wrangler/2003-jeep-wrangler/sport-sport-utility-2d/?condition=good&vehicleid=2615&intent=trade-in-sell&mileage=155555&options=103126%7ctrue%7c103157%7ctrue%7c103171%7cfalse%7c103176%7ctrue%7c103116%7ctrue%7c103275%7ctrue&pricetype=private-party.



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We tow a 1999 TJ SE with soft top, half-doors and no back seat. No cruise control either. (grin) Ours is what our son calls a "rugged looking Jeep" because it's lifted 4", has a winch and a push bumper, and extra rollover protection.


It's the best adventure car we've ever owned, bar none. You can take it shopping or take it up a boulder-strewn double-track to an abandoned gold mine (we've done both on the same day during the same outing) where Subarus are all parked, willy-nilly, at the bottom of that track. They are also relatively light weight (although the hard top you have adds a little you can take the back seat out to make up for it LOL). They're a cinch to tow being narrow (well within the footprint of the motor home in a sharp turn). Our coach is hardly a powerhouse (5.9 Cummins) and it doesn't even know the TJ is back there. We got 10.4 mpg towing that Jeep over 2,000 miles last winter from WA to SKP Park Sierra just outside Yosemite NP.


I can't say enough good things about using a 2-door Jeep Wrangler as a toad. Hope it sells quickly for you. :)



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