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Battery monitor advice

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In 2009 I had a Xantrex Pro 2 2000W inverter/ charger and a Trimetrics TM 2020 installed. About a month ago the Xantrex blew up.

Since the Pro 2 is no longer made, no parts are available for it and no one will repair it.

I replaced it with a Magnum MS2812 2800W Inverter with 125 Amp Charger. The Magnum has an add on module to monitor the battery state, similar to the Trimetrics. The Trimetrics is 6 years old but seems to be working.

What I am asking is, is it worth replacing the Trimetrics with the Magnum add on module ?




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I will answer to get you started but I am sure the experts will file by later today. I expect the consensus will be that you should stick with what you are comfortable with. In this case the Trimetric. The BMK from Mganum is supposed to be good but people with the Trimetric have stuck with that product. An example is Jack mayer on his website if you look at his past systems, at one time he installed with the BMK and a magnum inverter. From his comments i gathered that it worked fine but he just preferred the interface on the trimetric so on his next install he again went with a magnum inverter but this time went back to trimetric. My reading suggests it is a matter of personal preference. In my case I am getting ready to do my first install and have the magnum hydrid inverter but I decided to go with the trimetric becuase people on this board are familiar with it should I run into problems but I found nothing negative about the BMK.

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The BMK works fine. It does cost more than the Trimetric (including shunt).


I like the Trimetric for several reasons - but mainly because I find the display easier to read, and find the Trimetric a little more accurate. But you really have to be down in the weeds to notice any accuracy difference - most people would not note that. And it is not much anyway.


The main benefit of the BMK as compared to the Trimetric is that it shares the Magnum display, so you avoid having more wall space taken. On the other hand, I can read the Trimetric without going through a lot of display screens.


Another choice that is available for other people (not applicable here) that may have a MidNite solar controller is the Whiz Bang Jr. You have to add the shunt, but the total package is far cheaper than any alternative. I don't have any personal experience with this monitor, but I assume it meets the high standards of MidNite.


Both will work fine for the purpose intended. Your choice.

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