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Portable camping stove


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Looking for a two burner stove propane or butane stove to take with us when boondocking. Had my eye on the Coleman HyperFlame Camp Stove but the reviews weren't overwhelming. Any recommendations from those of you who regularly cook outside? We have a campfire grill and a George Foreman already.

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Well for 40+ years we have used our green Coleman stove. They really use what used to be called "white gas" and would come in a Coleman gallon can. I think you can still get that product. But many years ago I converted ours to propane. Very simple to do. Sporting good stores usually carry the simple conversion, about $16.00. Then I use either the small throwaway can of propane or usually hook it to a 20 pounder. You can get the grate cherry red on it if you want. We quite often steam shrimp on it and of course it boils over. No problem, just hose the entire stove out, and good to go again. If we are set up somewhere for a couple of weeks, the stove sets out the whole time. Pretty much bullet proof. Look at yard sales, etc. But stay away from Ebay since these folks think they have a collectors item. And over the years I have re-painted it forest green several times.

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We carry a stainless steel two-burner propane grill which we bought at Lowe's a few years back for about $100. They're all over the place now at about the same price. We also have a slender SS campstove. We spend a lotta time outside. :P



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We went with a Grover Rocket Stove for outside cooking along with our Baby Q BBQ. The rocket stove will burn charcoal, wood, paper, pellets anything that burns. For boondocking it means not running out of fuel. We set it on a old cookie sheet and enjoy the speed it cooks things at alot more than our old camp stove.



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How are things going with Thor and the order? Haven't seen you post in a bit.


We use a grill from Lowes similar to this one: http://www.lowes.com/pd_611679-45306-CGG-306_1z0wel2__?productId=50293491&pl=1


It is all stainless, the top latches down for storage (one on each side), has a nice stainless grate and can be set up very easily. The only thing I did different was to to remove the hose and regulator and replace it with a 15 ft hose that hooked into my "T" quick connect on the Trailer. The firepit goes into the other side of that "T" with 30 ft of hose attached. That way we can grill under the front awning and have our firepit and chairs under the rear awning.

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