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Converting PDF to Excel?


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We just learned to play Hand and Foot card game. I found a score card online in PDF format that would help this beginner remember the game. http://www.kitsapvettes.org/pdf/hand-foot-score-sheet.pdf

The only problem is the scoring is a little different and I wanted to adjust the scorecard to the way we were taught.

Any suggestions for a PDF to Excel conversion software?

I found many online that will go from Excel or WORD to PDF and I tried one "free" online but it did a terrible job and I was concerned about the security of doing it online.

Thank you.

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Easy peasy. Just purchase Adobe Export PDF - for under $25 per year you can convert most PDF files into Excel or Word documents. Some documents are locked so that cannot be converted but most are not. The process is pretty easy, just follow their instructions.

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Thank you all for the suggestions.


I decided since this is a once in a blue moon situation to just key in the document myself, good practice to keep my formatting skills Excel up and learning the game.


Thanks again,

Safe Travels

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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