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Volvo Elec Windows/Locks


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Adding power windows to the new model 2004+ trucks isn't all that difficult. With the assistance of Chad at Wheeling Volvo http://www.class8truckparts.com/ he researched the parts needed. If your truck has manual windows on both sides you'll need to replace the wiring harnesses in both doors. The referenced wiring harnesses support electric locks and electric windows.


The wiring harness for the driver's door is part number 20494012 and the cost was $91.36

The wiring harness for the passenger's door is part number 20493876 and the cost was $103.73


I purchased the switches for the driver and passenger door from e-bay. Likewise, I purchased the electric window motors off e-bay.


I spent some time with the schematics before venturing into this. The voltage for the driver's electric window already exists at the driver's switch. All you really need to do is add the two wires from the switch down to the window motor. Problem is, how to you find the necessary female pins to install in the connector that attaches to the switch?


The wiring harness for the passenger side includes a lot more wires. The original harness only had two connectors. The new harness has four. The original driver side had three connectors; new one has four. The addition of the forth connector on both wiring harnesses is to support adding a three wire harness to the truck that goes across the cab and ties the door locks together.


Adding electric windows is straight forward. Install new wiring harnesses in both doors, add new switches to both doors, drill out the manual window crank and bolt in the electric window motors. The necessary wiring is already in place on the passenger side to plug in the new wiring harness for the window. Once connected the passenger window will work off either the passenger switch or the driver's switch.


I'm still working on the truck so I'll update this thread over time.


Finding the electric locks in a junk yard is turning out to be somewhat of a challenge. I've seen them on e-bay before not now that I'm looking. I contacted one junk yard and he only wanted to see the entire door.


Sibernut, I sent you a PM sometime back asking about the junkyard you visit.

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No, my truck had manual windows and no electric locks. I now have power windows and will eventually have power locks. The power window conversion on the driver's side is finished and the power window on the passenger's side is about 75 percent complete. At this point the truck is still apart as I continue to look for the electric locks.

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Your statement said this; "If your truck has manual windows on both sides you'll need to replace the wiring harnesses in both doors. The referenced wiring harnesses support electric locks and electric windows.

So I know you had manual windows. I was wondering if someone already has power windows, (and following your statement) is the wiring already in the harness for power locks?

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I made a stab at adding electric locks to our 2001 volvo 770 about a year ago. We already have power windows. I took the aftermarket approach. What I discovered was that most of the kits I found would move the lock rod about 15/16" which was just shy of the 1-1/8" nessessary for the lock to function. Installed a pull wire for later use and called it a day.


I take direction reasonably well if one of you electrical types wants to help identify existing wiring, needed parts, etc. No promises, but there could be a piece of raisin pie involved.

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Some things are a lot easier if you pay the freight and use Volvo parts. I had the electric door locks added to the truck during purchase. That included the solenoid in the doors, switches and the central lock module. I then added a remote to the central lock module.


The electric locks work off of the key locks and the door handles inside. No extra switches.


I used after market electric windows because I thought the Volvo parts would be too expensive. Hind sight is that the parts weren't all that much more. Electric windows are not a salvage yard item. If the mechanism is still good, then the door probably is too and the yard will only sell the door. I used Volvo switches because they fit in the door switch panels.

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I didn't have a problem with using Volvo parts, I did have a problem with the 4-8 hours they wanted to figure out a "kit" to install the functionality of remote locks. Not to install them you understand, just to figure out what parts to order since my local dealer told me that "these trucks don't come with remote locks". Over time, I've come to the point of trying to avoid this dealer at all costs, no pun intended. Next closest dealer is over 100 miles away and the logistics get to be annoying. I don't suppose you still have a parts list for the locks do you. While the part numbers themselves might not be exactly correct, they should provide guidance for what parts are needed.




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Volvo doesn't have Remote Locks. They are simply called electric locks. I also think they have a term called Central Door Locks. That is the solenoids and the module that installs under the fuse panel.


Central Carolina Trucks figured out the power locks for me but that was a long time ago.


The Remote part is something you have to add.

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