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Question concerning extending frame for hauler bed


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I found an HDT I am interested in. It is already singled short; however, the frame is cut directly behind the rear axle with no bed on it. I want to install a longer bed to handle my current "chase" vehicle (Prius) or possibly a small 4X4 at a later date. My question is, can the frame be extended for this, and also would it be cost-prohibitive? Thanks in advance for thought/answers.

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A Prius or 4x4 will need to be mounted length wise. This along with the clearance needed may require a long frame modification for a truck singled short and cut off. We carry a Subaru Forester and had to add about 5' of frame on a tandem axle Volvo. Singled short and carrying a car lenth wise could transfer a lot of weight to the single axle. Maybe to much.


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Not practical to do what you want with this HDT.




Here's a 1 : 1 drawing of a semi frame SINGLED LONG and then having the rails extended 39 inches to mount the hitch. The block represents a "Prius" dimensions: 175 inches long, 68 inches wide and 58 inches high. The block sits 5 inches high, typical deck height and 2 inches back from the front edge of the rails, which are in line with the BOC (Back of the Cab). As you can see the hitch and the truck rails would have to go back at least another four feet to clear the Prius in a turn. This would make for a pretty ugly and ungainly truck and this would be on a truck singled long. Singled short it would be pretty unworkable. Prius is 14-1/2 feet long, in most applications of vehicles driven on from the back you'll see the short Jeeps, or two seaters, or subcompacts which are closer to 12 feet and the trucks are either left tandem, or singled long. Even then the frames need about 5 feet of rails extensions.

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My bad! I totally missed the Prius in the first post. I will hang my head and feel shame for the appropriate amount of time.

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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Front axle will be too light and will slide when starting out if wheels were turned. It will also hunt as you are going down the road and will leave you exhausted when you reach your destination. You need a tandem and a shorter vehicle such as a Jeep Wrangler jk (2 door)

Ron C.

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