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Anyone ever seen one of these?


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Thought it was similar to (but different and not as intelligent ) to another design discussed here - http://www.hwh.com/ml45564.pdf


I'm a little worried about shutting the door when the steps are out. Maybe they stay folded in except when the door is opened....


Anyway, might be an interesting option if no one ever assembles that other design still laying around in pieces.... :)

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Very slick, I spent a week at the factory when they serviced the one of the kind custom hydraulic rig they built for my fifth.



It powers four slideouts and the power steps similar to the ones they show in their flyer.





So you could say they already did it once 20 years ago.

When i was there I had to chance to make myself a nuisance from the people on the floor to the engineering department and I wrote a very comprehensive article on the company and their products (then). Very impressive outfit where engineering actually has an upper hand over marketing. That's generally not a good thing, because great marketing of garbage products always wins over poor marketing of great products.

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I know nothing about them just saw them and immediately thought of the steps in Mike C - I mean Jim's truck (and of course the set of parts in FL) and wondered if anyone had seen a real set.

The components of the second hydraulic step/lift have indeed been transported to Florida 2 years ago. Recently "the kit" was moved again, it now occupies the top shelf of the middle rack of the reconfigured "stock room".



It is patiently awaiting moment of "inspiration" to look like this.


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