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Volvo D-12 air brake engine valve


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The original post date is correct, but right after I posted I found that the post was not correct, so I erased the content and will update today (5-19-15). It seems we all chase air leaks, and last summer I replaced many items on the truck including the pass through air manifold, dash valves, and many "quick connect" connectors. Thought I had most of the leaks stopped, but no so. It got to where I would stop and sometimes lose air down to 60#, sometimes in 15 minutes, and other times it would take 2 hours. After much soapy water, then reading several posts, I thought it had to be my engine air brake valve, because if it leaks, it would not show bubbles, because it leaks back into the exhaust. Finally, again, after reading several posts, I bought a whisperer (sniffer) and it showed the engine air brake valve was the problem. I removed it and before I ordered a new one, I hooked up the air line back to the hanging valve, then built up pressure to find the leak. THE VALVE WAS NOT LEAKING. I had to cut several zip ties and dig into a wad of electrical, and air lines, but found and quick connect "T" that was leaking on all 3 sides. WOW, I thought "Devine Intervention", I don't need the valve, and before I cut the zip ties, I couldn't even see the T connector. Replaced that "T", but before I reinstalled the valve, I hooked up the air line, and built pressure. The valve now leaked like a sieve! I thought, maybe the electrical connector needs to be hooked up, still leaked. I tapped on it with a small hammer, large hammer, thought about a sledge, but backed out. Ordered a new Engine air brake valve from Westfall Truck in Kansas City, who, BTW has always been fair on prices, and installed it today. I guess the moral of this story is, I still believe in "Devine Intervention", because, if the valve would have leaked the first time I checked, I would have never cut the zip ties, and found the leaky "T". This also explains why, it some times lost air in 15 minutes, and sometimes took 2 hours. It also explains why sometimes working on these units can make you crazy. Just a rainy day story.


Dick T

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I paid $550.87 plus shipping of $28. I'm only about 90 miles from Kansas City, but can't drive there for $28. Westfall GMC, Mack, Volvo, has always treated me OK on prices.(I think) When I first called they quoted $708, but when I put it on hold for pickup, it was $550.87??? I don't know if you're truck takes the same valve, and I'm sure the freight would be more, but just have you're VIN#, and give them a call if you want. 816-455-7262 BTW, be sure to check that "T" that supplies air to the valve. Good luck. Dick T

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