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How is the service department @ Camping World in Jacksonville Fl...


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Well LOL I am not one to give high marks for Camping World Service, I do like the store, but for service we have come to the conclusion from our experiences in Colorado and in California that we will avoid them for service. As you found they were nice and polite on the phone but once we got there and had them write up the service order is when that nice 5 star treatment vanishes.

In all fairness it might not be all there fault, but dealing with warranty repair issues as have seems to be a problem for them or possibly just dealing with Thor as it is in our case.

When we have gone in for such service they act like it is a big inconvenience for them to do the service as well as to have to deal with Thor.

Now we have to add a independent RV Service Center in California who has told they don't like dealing with Thor as they are forced to do business in a manner they do not like and are paid late, so we have been turned away and now looking to Thor for some answers. So again my negative opinion on Camping Worlds Service may or may not be fair or valid for you and in your State

Best of luck

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