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I have seven brand new Alcoa 17.5" x 6.75", HD, Forged, 8 bolt, 9/16" polished rims. New in boxes and never had tires mounted on them. I opened one to snap the photos. These are for heavy trailers who need the best. Part number 665401 and most sell for $370-$390 each (with nuts and caps) plus freight. They weigh about 30# each and are rated to carry about 3,500# each.


I am selling them for $355 each or if you buy all seven at once then I will sell them at $2,400($342 each for the seven and an additional box with the caps, nuts and covers) and you pay freight, or pick up.


I am located in the Murfreesboro, TN area if you want to pick them up, or calculate freight costs.


Call Russ at 615-330-6930


I will give it a week before listing on eBay so my RV friends get the first chance.

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Maybe I can't send direct, so sending it this way:

I sent it about 2:15 our time, but something about the posting didn't seem right. I was using my phone, not this laptop. This should work better:

Fed Ex (Wheels) - $43.59 ea with $300 insurance on each - $100 insurance would drop it a little (maybe $3 a wheel).

Box of small parts - $18.99 with $100 insurance, which should cover it.

UPS (Wheels)​ - $47.55 ea with $100 insurance on each, $50.25 each with $300

Box of small parts - $22.19 with $100 insurance

Let me know what you think of that. I know that individual part freight from a private shipper sucks and the cheapest way to ship is to put all on a pallet and send by truck lines which would take longer than the four days quoted by Fed Ex. I might be able to get that done if you aren't in a hurry?

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