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Theoretically it can work, but you need an internet source for it to work. You cannot count on park wi-fi to provide that type of data. You will have to have your own high speed internet such as cellular. You will burn through a lot of data streaming to the Roku. In other words it will be expensive.

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I use a Roku on the road. For data, I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on my 4G phone. As others have said, the Roku works great but the problem is going to be data.


We have two Rokus, one in the front room and one in the bedroom. But like AprilWhine we, also, have a grandfathered unlimited plan. The actual data usage is more like 1GB/2 hrs of video because Netflix and the other streaming services vary the rate to match your internet connection's capabilities. With a cellular connection the data stream is rarely as high a bit rate as you would get using a home internet connection.

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With Netflix you can help by adjusting playback settings in the profile...

copied from playback settings page in the profile settings. Hulu and amazon also have settings to help control data limits. I believe that Auto is the setting Joel refers to. We have ours set to low and the video quality on a 720p 36" screen is just fine.



  • Auto
  • Low (basic video quality, up to 0.3 GB per hour)
  • Medium (standard video quality, up to 0.7 GB per hour)
  • High (best video quality, up to 3 GB per hour for HD, 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD)
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