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Though we have had an RV for a number of years, until now we have only done one big trip a year of 4-6 weeks. Now that the time for "retirement" is nearing, we are considering Mexico as a retirement destination and so want to check it out first before taking the plunge. This fall we planning to try out living in the Baja and intended to begin by taking our motorhome to La Paz for 6 - 8 months to give living there a try before deciding to rent or buy a place. As we transition to retirement, I plan to continue teaching a course or two online for a Canadian university, and to do this I need to have access to a reliable internet connection of at least 5 Mbps to enable good web conferencing including screen sharing.


I know that campground wifi is never going to be able to provide what I need, so I am looking for alternatives. Does anyone have any experience or information about how to access quality internet in Baja, Mexico?


I have read one blog post recently that suggests it is not possible to get good internet in the Baja, even if you are hardwired to a DSL connection, but am not sure of the quality of the source, so am looking for other opinions.


I have also read little bits and pieces about satellite internet services that sound like it might be a potential solution, but have no experience with satellite at all. Does anyone have experience with internet access in the Baja or with Satellite Internet?


If anyone has insights or experience they are willing to share it would be greatly appreciated.



The Cabin on Wheels

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FYI, the RV.net and TrailerLife.com forums are the same forum (Open Roads), just different portals to get there.

Very true but the download & upload rate is better on TrailerLife at times!


romcoc n AZ/Mexico

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You will not get 5mbps in Mexico. Especially on Baja. Some of the bigger cities have a sort of 4G service. But not covering the whole city. Internet sticks also will not get that service in the boonies.. Hughes will not provide service if they know you are in Mexico. There is a new Satellite service that is fast. I do not know if their footprint covers Baja. Again they will not provide service if they are aware you are in Mexico. There is a Mexican satellite service but I don't know if they have a fast service.



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Thanks for your insights, Moisheh. We had looked at the postings referred to by some of the others who replied to our request, but none of the links they pointed to have sufficient information about my specific needs. Your response has given us a few new things to think about and explore. Much appreciated.


Cabin on Wheels

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