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MaxxAir or Camco Vent Covers?


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We have a new center roof vent that is opening by itself under high wind conditions. It does close, and seems to be shut good, no leaks. This has also now happened twice going down the road! Boy howdy did that wake me up driving. lol


We have decided to put a Vent Cover over it. Opinions on MaxxAir or Camco Vent Covers please. We do not plan to put in a fan as we have a fan on the bathroom vent. Thank you!

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WE use a MaxxAire Turbo over the bathroom vent because we never close it. A practice from out boating days of always having some outside airflow in the rig. The Turbo doesn't allow rain in.


Two years ago we went through a serious hail storm and the extra body in the MaxxAire survived just fine.


An interesting thing, the bathroom vent cover, 7 years under the MaxxAire cover disintegrated from the sun. Even though we never close it, we replaced the lid which of course, because of age, required a new vent fan assembly. The sun can be rough.

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Another vote for the Maxxaire's. Over the years, they seem to not become as brittle as some of the others I've had in the past. Actually have Maxxaire II's on this rig. Really great airflow... hinged for easy cleaning... love the translucent smoke color when the suns up. It puts a nice warm glow through the rig. :D

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