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Driving school


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My wife and I picked up a Dynamax 340 XL a couple of months ago. Intent is to spend more time on the road as I spend less time working. It is our first unit, having rented a couple to find out if we liked this activity. We do, so we plunged in.

While I did not have to much trouble getting it back home from the dealer, my DW was a tad reluctant to get behind the wheel. Figuring I could use some pointers, and Carol could use some confidence we booked with RV Driving school.

Great experience for both of us. She is now willing to drive. One of the things we figured out was that when it comes time to back up, I will be giving directions, and she will be driving.

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I think it should be mandatory.

Have you attended one of them? Do you advocate making it state law? federal law? Do those who have owned RVs for many years also have attend one? How would it be enforced, some sort of special driver's license endorsement like for a motorcycle?


Interesting idea but.........................................

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Great idea.......more regulation.......


In my "past life" in aviation I had to have a intense Med-qualification AND three 12 hr days of re-current full-motion simulator training EVERY 180 DAYS of operations.


Med-q was ONLY a few hundred $$$ and full motion sim was about $15k to $25k........ Well within any RV'er ops plan......


Only one question........yesterday, I drove the ole Freightshaker in heavy traffic through more than 50 traffic lights and I had to brake briskly several times as minivans, pickups, and compact cars darted in front of me so that they could get in front of me at a RED light.....are these "Darters" also going to have to go to driving school.......or.......will they teach the driving school??


Give me a.......Brake......

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