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Salem, Or to Issaquah (Seattle Area) Wa


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A couple of questions for the experts?


We own a 45' long, 13'7" high Motorhome, towing a four door pickup truck. We are traveling from Newport, Oregon to Issaquah, Washington (Blue Sky RV Park, exit 22 off I-90):


1. Should I take the 205 Bypass around Portland or go straight thru on I-5? Concern is avoiding traffic.


2. Once we are in the SeaTac area, should we take Route 18 NE from Auburn up to I-90, then backtrack to exit 22? This option was recommended by a non-RV-ing family member because of traffic.


Thanks, JohnnyB


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I should have added that the cut off to highway 18 is just after leaving Tacoma, it is well befor the SeaTac area. There is a large Truck Stop / Rest Area just at or befor the exit to highway 18, migh be a nice place to take a break.

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MOST definitely 205 and 18. I-5 through Portland to Vancouver is a "white knuckler". I don't scare easily on the road, but that is some of the worst highway planning on the West coast. Even without a tow I would avoid it if at all possible.

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Just another vote for 205 through Portland, it's a little longer, but it's better than grinding N/B on I-5.


Grab 18 just north of Fife, you want to get over ahead of time into the right lane, go past the rest area and exit off of I-5. Get into the left lane once on 18 until you're past Auburn, then move right. Up over Tiger Mountain, and downhill to I-90. West to Issaquah.


No worries...

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Double YES & YES


We drove 205 & 18 TODAY in our Chevy Impalla but it would have even been better in the ole Freightshacker so go for it and enjoy the view...


We then took I-84 up the river to Biggs Jct and Hy 97 S. to Bend and it was one of those 200 mi vis days so you could see from Mt Rainer North to Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Jeff , Broken Top to the Three Sisters to the South .......stunning.........

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I guess I'm in the chorus. Yes to 205 and yes to 18. There will be a grinding climb up Tiger Mountain and then a steep descent down towards the end. There can be a lot of traffic on this bit but we drive it a couple times a year in our 36' DP with a Jeep Wrangler toad.


The rest area on I-5 just before the exit to 18 is a good place to stop. We've spent a night or two there, too. Along with cars taking up the truck/RV lanes overnight.



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