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Sadly another incident at Walmart this time Salem Oregon


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There's another Walmart that will be closed to RV overnight stays. It isn't logical but it's a standard reaction. After all, if there is a neighborhood shootout they don't make everyone in the neighborhood move...


This store was not one of those on the overnight parking prohibited list: http://www.walmartatlas.com/no-park-walmarts-in-oregon/


But it probably will be now...



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It's logical in the sense of protection from idiots filing lawsuits if something does happen.

Nothing will stop idiots from filing lawsuits.


And making it illegal to spend the night will not stop the sorts of people who had the gunfight, either.


But it will stop you and me. :(



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Salem is killing them.


:lol: I'm pretty familiar with the area. That'll be a tough one if they decide to put up a ban. It's only a few hundred yards from a popular lake and pretty expansive state park. The place is usually pretty well filled up with picnic'rs, fishermen, family gatherings... but the park does not allow any overnight camping. It's common to see folks using Walmart overnight then driving back into the park again to spend another day.


Oh.. and a Lowe's (Home improvement center) that shares a parking lot with WM. It will be interesting to see what happens in the aftermath.


That's like catnip for RV'rs... :P


It seems like Salem is changing quite a bit though. Just last Sunday my 14 year old nephew and his father were shot during a drive-by. They are both doing fine now, but the poor kid was asleep in his room when one of the 8 rounds that passed into the house caught him.


It just seems like there are an inordinate number of shootings in that area (Salem) lately.



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