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Indy 500 Race


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SCDGS, this is old information, as we work camped at Indy in 2003. At that time there where Work camper job fairs in Florida, Texas, and Yuma, AZ. during snowbird season. We knew a little info about the work camping since we were Indy ticket holders since 1974. The parking was a dry camp situation which we of course knew about and we do a lot of dry camping anyway, so we were prepared and some had issues with dry camping. There was a place to get water for the rig but required a trip across the street and a tank. We were given vouchers to have our tanks pumped, but the Waste Management pump truck driver never wanted them. I would say a generator is a must. We were assigned to Lot 2 parking area. The earliest we could come on the property was April 29. The next day we were asked if we wanted to help stuff mailers over at the headshed for the fall's upcoming Grand Prix Race. Sure we did, and they brought lunch to us. Shuttled us back and forth all month if the job we were doing was outside of Lot 2. We both helped line off the lot for RV and car parking, wife sold tickets, I also helped direct traffic inside the track. Anything over 8 hours was overtime. We worked most days of the month. They took outstanding care of us and was a great experience as I got to parts of the facility I didn't even know existed. Of course being a race fan from 1959 didn't hurt either. There were two tornado warnings during the month and we were told at the job start if this were to happen just go to the building at 16th and Georgetown Rd. and security woud let us in. We did do that the second time and again they couldn't have been more accommodating. I believe the next year the gal that ramrodded the work campers took a job with the National Hot Rod Association and was no longer at the track. It was a great retiree's job. The only reason we never went back is after retiring in 2002 and going fulltime in 2003, living in Pennsylvania all our lives, we have never been back across the Mississippi River since crossing to the West in August 2003 after the Brickyard race. If I can be of any help just PM me.

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