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Portable Ice Maker


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Sakes alive.. The temperatures are starting to go up.. probably heading Northerly soon, but MAN do those portable ice makers make life civilized!! LOL


It's the first time I've had one on board and cranked over for "real world" use. I don't know how I've survived so long without one. COLD COLD (almost hurt your teeth) iced tea under the awning in the zero G chair with a light breeze. Life can't get much better. :-)


1.4ah's for an afternoons worth... I highly recommend one.

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I have had 2 of those portable ones that the Ice doesn't stay frozen.

Put the Ice in any drink and they melt fast watering the drink down. I gave both away.


For just a few more $$ you can have a real Ice maker.

And don't have to keep putting water in a tank.

That is what I did. And also took the Ice Maker out of the refrig to make more room for food.

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Wow! That's a monster! I wouldn't have anywhere to put something like that.. but sure didn't know I missed ice so much until I had a little taste today. :-) They DO melt pretty fast though, but I'm learning to drink faster. LOL

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We used one and wouldn't be without it. We put the ice in a container in the freezer so it was really frozen and would last a while in a drink.

The container took up about as much room in the freezer as the stack of ice cube trays we used before but was much more convenient than messing with the trays.

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