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A semi trailer ("5th wheel") for tight access


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If you are building up the trailer structure from scratch (and not repurposing an existing trailer), I'd recommend that you use some variant of conventional RV axle placement. Unless you have a specific load-carrying reason not to. It is way more flexible if you are going into RV parks.

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The technology is awesome, and has been around for some time. However, as Jack may or may not have eluded to, rear overhang in a setup like that, is a limiting factor. Forward placed, or even, currently available sliding tandems, would be a more versatile unit as an rv if any length is preferred.


Still, the video is cool and shows what can be done in a vocational application of such technology. Some of the log pole trailers, at least the extra length carriers here on the west coast, have a percentage proportioning steering system. It works awesome, and is fun to watch in use.

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I haven't researched just how they work yet -


The daydreaming stems from thinking about a trailer that is not so high in the air - our Carriage is 13 + feet - with a kind of dropped area in the middle like a coach - simple, rugged, heavy duty, long lasting... less bling and simpler and more substance in the interior fittings etc - maybe kind of boat / upper end coach principles


Very much at the doodle and notes stage.


After a nice motorcycle ride I usually come to my senses :lol:

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I guess their is someone who is willing to double the price and maintenance cost of a trailer for this capability. I was waiting for them to stop for a couple of minutes a fill one or two of the parked cars with concrete, or maybe oatmeal.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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