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air bag angle


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Is this the normal way the bags should be sitting at the top? (bags are sitting level at right height and had 14psi in the bags at this time) Looks very lopsided to me, but no way that I can see to straighten it better.. Is this normal?




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Thanks. That is what I was thinking.. it wasn't normal.


The rear axle was left in place, but the front axle Z springs were put on there. The top of the air bag mount has 2 sliding bolt holes and one center hole. Its in the center hole. But if I moved it to the other front sliding bolt hole, it looks like it would be touching the back of the shock. It may help some, but not much. The bottom is bolted to the Z spring and no room for adjustment there.


Just another screwup at that nightmare shop. They should have caught that during assembly.

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I need to have these installed also, what ball park cost installed? Camping World quoted 1000$ which sounded high to me. You response will be appreciated.

The Z springs? It should be only about a 2-4 hr job to swap them out.


Or the Air bags? Only about 2 bolts for each one and an air fitting. If you have no bed on, shouldn't take any longer then a hour a side.

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Unlike the air "helper" springs that can be installed on a pickup, manual inflation of the air springs would definitely fall into the "No bueno!" category.


With air helper springs, all you're doing is leveling the back of the truck. The axle position is controlled by the truck's "original" suspension.


On an HDT air suspension, leveling is actually the secondary consideration. Correct inflation of the bags for the weight borne by the suspension at any given time maintains the correct driveline angles, which can't deviate much from the ideal without inducing driveline vibration at best, and component failures at worst. That's why there is always a leveling valve designed into the system.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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