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Heartland Cyclone 4200: Anyone have any thoughts?

The Few

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Hello all,


Does anyone have any experience with the 2015 Heartland Cyclone 4200?


I would like all the hard fact, and don't be shy about giving me the pro and cons this rig..

Would like your expertise and experience to help me decide if this toy hauler is worthy of all the hype..


I am not stuck in my thoughts about buying this particular rig, but I do find the rear and side patios interesting.. the garage is a good size, king size bed, floor plan is to be expected in a toy hauler, but only has 3 slides ( due to the second patio mounted on the large side of the rig)


I'm looking at both good and bad feedback, and your input is certainly appreciated..

I only get " one shot" at making the right decision, because once I sign on the dotted line, "THATS IT"!!! LOL


Thank you all!!!


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You might want to look at the Heartland Owners Forum. Here's a link to it regarding some of the post abiut the 4200.


"Happy Trails"


Hi, I was looking for someone that would give me their honest opinion.. I have already read up on it but reading does not give me personal opinions.. But thank you!!

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Some negatives I see for a 42' 20,000# GVWR trailer

- 16" E rated tires (probably Chinese).

- 3, 6000# axles.

- 12" frame. This is light for a 42' trailer IMHO.




Thank you "iceman", I am learning more and more about 5th wheel RV's and would have never even known that information by reading some brochure.. I do have some questions if you don't mind answering?


1) if you were to buy a 5th wheel toyhauler, which would be ideal for you sir?

2) 3 6000# axles does sound kinds fishy for a rig that maxes 20000#'s

3) please explain to me why the 12" frame makes the whole rig light.. I am asking because I simply do not know, still learning...


Thank you sir!

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2) 3 6000# axles does sound kinds fishy for a rig that maxes 20000#'s


I don't know toyhaulers, so I won't handle the other questions, but I can answer this one for you.


Fifth wheelers generally transfer at least 20% of their gross weight onto the pin, so 18,000# of axle capacity is, theoretically, plenty of axle capacity for a 20,000# trailer. What makes it somewhat unusual is that big, heavy trailers with GVWRs of 20,000# or more are often fitted with 7,000# axles, and those axles are frequently fitted with 8,000# brakes, to help out the "sure, my truck can pull it because my salesman told me that it could" crowd.

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I have spent a little time looking through one of these side patio Cyclones at a dealer. In am also familiar with Cyclones in general because my sister and BIL own a 40 footer. As stated above, I think the tires, axles, and frame are a little light for a trailer that size. The side patio is kind of a neat gimmick, but it really depends on how you plan to use it. If you are going to spend a lot or a good portion of your time in campgrounds, then I would not go with the side patio. In my experience, many (if not most) campground sites (at least the ones I have stayed at) would have a very difficult time accommodating a side patio size wise. If you plan to spend a lot of time boondocking in wide open spaces, then this won't be a concern. As far as fit and finish on the Cyclones, in my experience (or at least the experience of my sister and BIL) they are ok for weekends and shorter trips. I would not want to use it for extended traveling. My sister has had a lot of issues with fit and finish and basic components that have had to be addressed by the dealer. YMMV.

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The Cyclone down the street has been on the road two months. Pulled from factory to central FL. Across FL and to TN. A wire nut came off and burnt up the invertor. The problem was discovered when the residential fridge. quit working. Now they must stay over for extra days to get repair.

It has China tires and #7000 axles. They got a good discount on the price, but may be what the trailer is worth, who knows.

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