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Generator will Not Stay running


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I have an older Safari Motor Home with a Honda Generator.

Last fall the generator would not start, either from the inside starter control, or the one directly on the Generator.

As long as you hold the starter button on, it will run, but the green light will not come on.

As soon as you release the starter button it immediately stops.

A friend of mine just told me that a lot of Motor Home generators will not run if the main coach tank is low on fuel, as it runs off of that.

Mine is way low.

I will fill the tank tomorrow :o and see what happens.

Anyone have this experience, or know this to be true?

Thanks much,



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I am not familiar with motorhome generators from Honda, but what you describe is the exact symptom that one will get from an Onan generator set if it fails to put out electricity from the generator. The coach battery supplies power to the starter and to the engine's ignition as long as you hold the start switch down, but when the switch is released the ignition then depends upon generator output for power to keep the engine running.


On the other point, holding the start switch would not allow the set to run if the fuel was too low for the engine to draw from the fuel tank.

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Not a Honda Genny and not a Safari but my genset's pickup is located between 1/4 & 1/3 tank. You wouldn't want the pickup at or near the bottom of the tank for a couple of reasons one of which is you wouldn't want the generator to use the last of your fuel at which point your rig won't make it to the next fuel stop :). Sounds like it's been awhile since the genny has been exercised and you may find, once you have sufficient fuel, that your carb/points are fouled and and need cleaning/replacement.

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Could it be a low oil issue?

I had an Onan 2800 (Propane) that would start and run fine until I loaded it and then it would shut down. Manual said oil capacity was ONE quart so that is what went in. Check of the dip stick and it showed I need to add oil. Actual capacity was 1.25 quarts. Apparently when it started working harder it was slinging more oil out of the sump which triggered the low oil shut down.


If I recall correctly, they will start with low oil but shut down when you release the start button if they (Onans) are low on oil.



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Thanks Lenp,

Have checked all that....it is now over at a local shop.

I found some real good info on this specific problem with this generator on the net (Honda EV6010) with voltage and other specs to check....

Will update when is fixed.



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