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It's Finally decided IE replacement will be Microsoft Edge


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I read that too. I can't believe the number of folks that want it to be called by the code name, Spartan, Sheesh!


I did read your links too. Very good info. But for those who never click on links these two paras from the computerworld article you linked to are new to me. I had no idea it would be out of the box compatible with other browser add ons :


"Edge sports a minimalist user interface (UI) somewhat reminiscent of Google's Chrome, integrates Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant, and offers annotation tools for page markup and later retrieval or sharing. Belfiore also showed off the browser's reworked new tab page, which stressed not only the usual frequently-visited sites but also will put a heavy emphasis on Windows Store app discovery for users.


Even more interesting, Belfiore said that Edge would out-of-the-box support add-ons crafted for Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox if they were built using only HTML and JavaScript. Chrome extensions -- all kinds -- will also work with Edge, but will require code tweaks."

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Hey bud, let us know when you try it in the beta and what you think. But they better get moving if they expect to release Win 10 in July as rumored by Mary Jo Foley over on ZD net. She gets it before their remote offices It seems like.

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I have not been testing in a while. We have a lot going on and I have not had the time. I have not seen anything recently on the release date. When it is released I will make a final image of Win 8.1, then upgrade my PC. Once I know it seems to work well and is stable I will upgrade the DW's PC. I hate to be learning something new AND have her asking me constant questions at the same time. It does however appear that the learning curve from Win 8.1 to Win 10 will be fairly straight forward. Those still on Win 7 will have a somewhat more involved learning curve. Both will be free upgrades.


Those people still on Win XP will have to pony up the bucks and face an even bigger learning curve.


The work around to allow IE 11 to work similar to Win Edge just did not do it for me. I am looking forward to actually trying Edge.

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Do we know anything more about Win 10, particularly the user interface? I have 8.1 but use the installed Win 7 emulator that has the Start button in the lower left hand corner.


I tried using the 8.1 interface but not having a touchscreen monitor(s) made it challenging.

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Yes we do have some folks posting screen shots but don't worry, you will have a year from the date they debut it retail soon to get it free so all who are skittish can play in stores with it. Go here and read the list and there are some with a lot of screen shots and explanations which can give you some idea of what Window 10 might look like: http://www.zdnet.com/search/?q=windows+10+update


I get hammered here for making this suggestion but you commented correctly that Win 8.1 is great as a desktop or touch except if you don't have touch. I WA frustrated too until I got touch and learned it too. Lots of cool interface things that can't be coaxed out of the desktop easily if at all. Back a couple of years ago I got my first touch screen Windows 8 RT and sold it because of email lacks since resolved too late to save RT and I say good riddance. I was about to give up on 8 because it seemed to leave me in a place wherevI could not figure out what was open and how to close them. 8.1 added the red X to close and a minus sign to minimize an app to the desktop. That would confuse me too before I got my hybrid tablet. I passed along my sudden grudging respect for it and within a month of having and learning the touch interface lived it. I passed that along and only Jack got one and reported back the same results. We both like Window again with no add on shell needed when using keyboard only. I had several folks buy a discounted tablet and hate them last year. This year it's not that much at risk.


My hobby is my computers and tablets. It costs less per year that my old hobbies of scuba diving, skiing, hunting, and fishing, some at the same time. My knees won't allow me to jump off mountains with planks strapped to my feet or to lift thirty pounds of weight belt and another 30 of wetsuit, tanks, BC vest, and water in the wetsuit up the dive boat's ladder. For me, spending a couple thousand a year in hardware and accessories would be hard to do since I keep my top end units for about five years. So my 1000-1500 a year is cheap by comparison. But I still don't buy stuff just to try them, but do try some I think I'll use and don't like my several Bluetooth speakers and workout headsets. But I consider an investment of under $100.00 for a touch computer to be worth it for an entry level item that will prove useful.


That all to say that if you have grandkids of kids you can hand down to later, you can find several Window 8.1, 7-8" tablets for $99.99 and less if you watch for the sales on Amazon and the bug box stores. These normally have only 32GB of SSD leaving you around ten left. But they come with Office and can access all your One Drive data. These guys are great for readers and portable WiFi consumption devices. I don't use them because I have two 11.6" Win 8.1 tablets and one 10.8" Dell Venue 11 pro, in addition to my Windows 8.1 Lumia phone that has Office and accesses my One Drive in the cloud as all the desktops and tablets do. So my Carl Zeiss Nokia Lumia camera and OLED spectacular screen and LTE speeds more than fills my portable computer space for running around town etc. For work in traveling I have keyboard docks etc.


I bought my very fast and very capable Dell Venue 11 pro last year for $234.99 Dell refurbished with the one year warranty. They are selling them again with the 1 yr warranty which I had to use for a camera and screen issue. They did so well I bought another year's factory warranty on it for under 100.

Look here as examples only:

Refurb very nice $249.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Venue-11-Pro-10-8-TabletPC-Intel-Atom-Quad-Core-1920x1080p-64GB-Win8-1-/181723661679


New $149.99 http://www.dell.com/us/p/dell-venue-8-pro/pd?oc=frtlbel001h&model_id=dell-venue-8-pro


New $79.00 http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/HP-Stream-7-Signature-Edition-Tablet/productID.308781500


That HP Stream 7" has only 32GB and I GB of Ram but when you add it to your cart to see the price it is $79.00 and they offer a $25.00 Windows store gift card to use on accessories/software whatever for your laptop or tablet. But if you hate it or any choice that is on you. Check out the user comments. It also has a micro SD card slot for more memory. The reviews at the bottom surprisingly say good things about it but I already learned Windows and have tablets. And I require a minimum of the specs of the Dell Venue 11Pro which I have and love it. My minimum specs were 64GB RAM & USB 3 full size which the venue has. Today my minimum specs are 64-128G SSD, SDXC card slot, and 4GB of RAM, and full 1080HD IPS or OLED screen.


So if your discretionary budget allows the cost, check out the new quad core, zippy, discounted, tablets like these and see what you think. But you have to use the touch, not using the shell for desktop only, or you might as well skip it. Then it either becomes a real tool for you or hen done and you have the touch interface down, give it to a family member who otherwise wouldn't get one.


Remember I'm just suggesting one way to get ready for 10 and learn touch to boot for about $55.00 give or take. The MS Store guarantee on the Stream also includes free shipping free returns and 37 day price match.


If you have grandkids it's something you might want to try. But 7" is too small for me. With a micro USB to female full size USB adapter cable you can hook up powered USB hubs or wireless PC or with a hub even USB corded KBs and mice. I bought several because we still use them to connect one of our 11.6" tablets that only has a micro USB for both power and data to hubs and external hard drives and DVD burner, among other devices.


I detest Bluetooth keyboards so use the regular wireless PC kbps and mice with ours lacking a keyboard dock.


Sorry but the last time I suggested this the folks here were not happy with the clearance discount tablets but returned them with no loss but a day of for them frustration. Just the touch, like the first time with a smartphone ha a learning curve. You know better than me what you want or need.


I'll be reviewing the new Surface 3 tablets in a few months a I'm selling our remaining first gen 11.6" tablet and getting the Surface 3 in a month or two after I can read some reviews. I have almost the same Specs on my current main tablet, a ASUS TA200 11.6" as the coming this month Surface 3.


Hope that helps.

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I like the 8.1 UI a lot and I seldom use the touchscreen. I am a trackball guy with the laptop on my lap in the recliner. It looks like Windows 10 will muck the UI it up to placate the complainers about 8.1.


The thing I found is that the greatest complainers of Windows 8.1, never used it.


I guess we will have a new compromised UI, half 7.0, half 8.1 and a new group of complainers.


Oh well, learning keeps you younger.

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Win 10 will meld Win 7 style interface with Win 8.1 style interface. There is a Start Button, but you can access both the desktop and Win 10 apps from the Start Button. What I miss so far is the lack of a way to place the CP on the Start Menu as a menu item. I use this function a lot in Win 8.1 with a Start Menu replacement (Start8). I have suggested adding it. We'll see. Since I have not used Win 10 in a while perhaps it's already there.

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Medico, just open CP, then reduce it to the task bar in desktop, right click, pin it to he task bar. I have it there so it is always on top along with Task Manager so I can deal with stuff fast. I never use the start menu in Win 7 except for Windows Update. On the task bar it is one click not two.

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I have tried this in the past. It does not however give the menu view of CP with all items expanded as is possible on the Start Menu. I also use the Start Menu for WU. However this was the other item missing from the Start Menu in Win 10. I would love to see both of these back on the Win 10 Start Menu. Otherwise I do not use the Start Menu often either. Most items I use a lot are on a Shortcut Toolbar I have added to my Taskbar. I also have a Links Toolbar added to the Taskbar to allow easy access to my most common Favorites (all those on the IE Favorites Bar)


This thread has gotten away from the initial topic, but I believe that's OK. The original topic was just for info only. A further discussion of Win 10 is nice to give others a warm feeling when contemplating upgrading from Win 7 or Win 8.1. There was justifiably a lot of trepidation in going from Win 7 (or Win XP) to Win 8. The move to Win 10 should be easier for those people. Yes it's different, but similar.


I am really looking forward to trying Windows Edge. I guess it will not officially be release until Win 10 is released. I would think this will happen sometime this summer or fall. Should be fun!

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OK Medico,

Try this, reduce it to the task bar. Then in the upper right hand corner of any CP start you will see this:




Click on the drop down menu for "View By: and you will see the choices of Large icons, small icons, and category views.


I hate that all computers default to category view which I do use rarely, about as much I use the mobility settings fast glance in 8/8.1.


I too like the old list to choose from with admin at the top so I can get to disk management quickly.


Switch it to the view you like and pin it to the task bar and it will open the way you left it.


Thanks for all your help with the 10 info bud!

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