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Trans. oil change?


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I have a Class A MH with a Ford V-10 gas engine. It now has apprx. 32,000 mi. on it and hasn't had the trans. oil or trans. filter changed yet. We tow a car and somewhere I found that a trans oil change should be done around 30,000 mi. My trans. oil looks clean and does not smell burnt. Is this something I should get done? My only fear is that it seems when someone does work on the RV there is always something that pops up from their work, after the work is done. (or it seems that way to me) Should I do the Trans. oil & filter change? Thanks for any info. Dave.

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Just changing the transmission fluid is easy. Just pull the drain plug, drain the fluid, put the plug back in and refill with 7 quarts of MoPar SP fluid. Only use the fluid stated in the owners manual, which is the "SP" fluid. The stuff ain't cheep about $8 a quart.


The hardest part is getting the new fluid back in. I use a clear plastic water hose you can buy at the hardware store. You need to buy it small enough to fit into the transmission fluid check tube and use a funnel small enough to fit in the other end of the tube. It works best with two people.


Changing the internal filter requires dropping the transmission pan. If you do drop the pan, get a torque wrench to tighten the bolts. The housing is aluminum and you can strip the threads pretty easy.


About a month ago I dropped the pan and changed the filter (about 38,000 miles on a 2006). It is not too bad a job. It is hard to get the pan maneuvered back in place w/o having debris falling into the pan.


From the looks of the old filter (it was so clean) I won't change the filter again for 100,000 miles, if I keep the RV that long. I'll change the fluid every 30,000 miles though.

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Thanks Al, that is a lot of helpful info. The only issue mine has is getting the new trans. fluid back in. My dipstick tube is a very small diameter. It is the same as the engine oil dipstick - about the diameter of a pencil. So, the first time I'll take it in to have it done. Thanks again for all the help. Dave.

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