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Windshield Curtains

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The DW thinks that's a great idea... thanks for sharing it!

Best part is they are washable, and a million styles to choose from. The thermal factor does help contain cold air on chilly night. We actually have them hanging over our pull shade as well. During the day we have an exterior sun shade over the windshield if we are parked east west

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WE are going to get the MCD shades. Pricey but they are double shades and our MH faces the sun so we need something and I like to see out. Put the sun shades down during the day, solid shades at night.


That is what we did. With the motorized ones on the windshield there is no need for the sun visors - big improvement there. The side shades also are great for keeping sun from the left and right side out of your eyes.

Then they are great for privacy everywhere in the motor home. Pricey as say but worth it we think.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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