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That pretty much says it all. This entire facet of the industry is in flux. Most cams come from China. If you can get one with 64gb micro SD card that would be a plus. It should be able to display the recorded video back. Sound would be nice but the laws involving the recording of sounds (conversations) are tricky. It should record continuously and begin recording over old videos if it runs out of space on the card.


Built in GPS is good to show the locations. Date and time. Color is good. Full HD is almost required in order to display license plate numbers.


Some start when you move the vehicle and some just start when you plug them in. I have one that I use as a security cam pointed out the side window (where a thief might reasonable try the door) behind a curtain. It's not available any more.


Some record your face and voice. I think I'd avoid those. I'd prefer to concentrate on the other guy but it might be interesting.



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https://dashcamtalk.com/ is a good source of reviews and comparisons. Plus Amazon reviews and lots of YouTube reviews.

We have a G1WH from Amazon. Cost us $54 plus $14 for a 32GB Class 6 microSD card, since a Class 10 card was too fast for the dashcam. Records 6 hours of 1080p video.

If you are in California, put up a sign inside that says "camera records audio" or turn off the microphone due to their laws. (Remember Hollywood is in California.)

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I recently bought the Panorama G. It has built in GPS and records positiion, speed, and altitude along with the video. Nice if you want to display a map along with the image. I haven't looked at any of the video since I first purchased it; just let it turn on when I start the coach and turn off when the coach shuts down. I purchased it after almost unloading my cabinets when a car pulled in front of me in heavy traffic. Thought I might need something to confirm my story of what happened.


As previously posted, check out https://dashcamtalk.com/

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