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Curbing VA bonuses


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Thanks Gem,

The previous Secretary had no teeth because in many cases the offenders could retire and take leave or avoid accounting before and after a finding against them.


From the link and article you provided:


"The legislation would allow the VA secretary to strip pension benefits from VA senior executives who are convicted of a crime that influenced their job performance, and then fired. It would prevent senior executives about to be fired because they were convicted of such a felony, but who instead retire, from receiving their full retirement benefits. The secretary would be allowed to take away the government contribution portion of the pension for the time period in which the employee was engaged in behavior warranting removal. The rest would be returned to the employee in a lump sum. A third party entity would review the secretary’s decision.


Bonosaro said SEA supported that provision. “This provision should be narrowly tailored to ensure that the felony conviction is final (no pending appeals) and that the conviction is tied to their job (e.g., embezzlement of funds),” she said. “The legislation should also make clear that the pension clawback is only for the time period in which the felony is committed, as determined by the courts and not the secretary.”


In addition, H.R. 473 would reduce to 14 days the amount of paid administrative leave for top department officials under investigation, unless the secretary can show good reason for extending that leave."


I agree, it is a good start IMO too. Now we see if the VA Secretary has the testosterone to knock over some rice bowls.

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