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Seats again


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Before I embark on the great quest in a few weeks, one of the items needing to be addressed is the drivers seat. I've read the info re seats but they didn't give me an answer. Bostrum, Sears Elite etc. The current seat is OK, a little worn but not worn out. Checking a host of seats is not practical as there isn't a lot of choice in my current area and sitting in a seat on the shop floor is not the same as in a truck with air hooked up to it. My weight is about 175 lbs, 5'10" and shrinking. No huge medical issues.

Not sure about options available or whether they are worth it, lumbar support, heat, somewhere I read about vibrating back I think.


I could even get the current one upholstered but not sure if it's worth the cost.


Not a fan of the high back. Are there lower back seats?


Are there 1 or 2 that stand out above the rest to narrow the field?


Lastly, I have Jotto laptop stand and use a Toshiba wireless trackball mouse on a sidetable. The stock armrest goes straight forward, I need it to go out about 2 o'clock. Sittab armflex has some armrests, wondering if anyone has experience with them?

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Our truck only came with one air ride seat. So needless to say my wife wanted to sit in a comfortable seat too. We bought two new seats through truck center hear in St Louis. They beat anyone's price. We did a lot of home work on them and sat in many, we decided to get the Sears Elites. We chose leather ones because they don't make you sweat and cleaning up my coffee dribble is easy. As far as heat in them we did not get that because i always warm truck up before we climb in. they have upper and lower back adjustments. The seats are very comfortable with a lot of adjustment to them. I have only seen truck seats in high back and medium height.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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