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Finally Joined!


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I've been hanging out on these forums since 2006, dreaming and planning on rving.

Retired in 2008, but my wifes health got much worse, so, we've spent the last few

years with drs and hospitals. Things haven't really changed, but, I bought a cheapish

5th wheel and have been going through it and am almost ready to start some fairly

local rving! I am excited! I wanted to full time when I retired, but it wasn't in

the cards. Anyway, I've gotten so much from Escapees, I just wanted to give something

back...a membership...not much for all the info and fun I've gotten from all y'all,

but, something. I know this doesn't really fit into any category, but just had to

say something. I'm thrilled about it, anyway!~

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It is great to have you join the club and really become one of us! We are thrilled for you that you finally have your RV also. I do have some understanding of the issues you have faced as my wife also has battled medical problems and we sometimes spent long periods sitting still being scheduled by her doctors and medical issues, ultimately returning to part-time because of the problems. I'd encourage you both to enjoy the new RV as much as you possibly can now and Texas is fortunate to have a very wide range of places to go via RV and many different activities that can be enjoyed from one. We used to HQ just outside of Granbury for our first 5 years or so on the road, parking on the acerage of friends who live west of there on Meander Rd.


Do stop by and join the conversations on these forums as we all gain by contributions of those who join in. Just because some of us have been around a long time, don't hesitate to jump in as every member of the group is important to us all!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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