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Driving test for Class a TX license


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Here is how it works.


You go to the Texas DPS office (we used Livingston because they are Escapees and RV familiar and friendly). You will need to take the non CDL written test depending on your combination. We need a class A which is over 26,000 lbs combined and towing over 10,000 lbs. You only need to study Chapter 14 of the CDL drivers manual. 20 questions and you need to get 14 correct. Piece of cake.


Once you pass the written they will schedule your driving test based on availability and your schedule. We had to wait 10 days and had a set time to show up.


Road test was to drive to corner of Washington and Church (rt. 190) and make hard right then go down to rt. 59 business and loop around to Washington and then make 3 lefts and back to the DPS.


Total of 20 minutes.


We had to do two separate times, once for me and them my wife. Spent more time breaking down and setting up the the whole process.


Good luck.

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what kind of license do you have now and from where. I would say there is a lilkelyhood you could use and equivelent vehicle to the class license you are seeking. I am fairly certain there are places that rent a truck or truck and cargo type trailer for some to test with for a CDL. Where you take it could be a factor. Call them and ask them if it has to be in your own vehicle. If you use another it will need proof of insurance and all the lights and horn, etc has to work. I would be a little picky about where you take it and Livingston is a good spot. A town big enough for full time DPS office but small enough to not be over run with traffic, like Dallas or Houston.

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When you show up for the road test they are going to ask for your registration and insurance for the rig you are supposed to be driving. The folks in Livingston are very reasonable and will work with you. When we scheduled they had up to 3 week wait but squeezed us in two open spots.


Good luck and GOD Bless.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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