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Transparent Solar Panels


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While it is not yet in-production, not is it efficient, it is a direction that is making solar panels more effective and usable in the near future.


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Very interesting, thanks for posting the link. It may never be efficient enough for our RV's, but for multistory office buildings it is a bright future.


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Has anyone seen information on some of the new panels from Sharp that were claiming that they had increased output of the panels, based upon a new method of production? The Sharp panels are made here in the USA.


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There seems to be a lot of vaporware when it comes to new solar panel technology. Lots of stuff that seems pretty cool never shows up. Batteries are like that, too. I'm not holding my breath. :D



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Better solar panels operate around 16 to 18% efficiency so if they can truly get these up to 10% that would be pretty impressive. Hopefully some day soon we see solar panels that have better efficiency. Wasting more than 80% of the energy leaves a lot to be desired. There have been lots of announcements like this for much better panels but these fail to make it to market more often than not.


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