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CARE needs Volunteers


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We have been helping out as Volunteers at the CARE Center facility here at Livingston and have found it to be a very rewarding experience. The residents here are what makes the helping such a joy. They are, for the most part, a very happy transposed but "real family" of seniors making the most of their "Golden Years". Our fellow Volunteers have exhibited a willingness to go the extra mile in helping the residents and in making our sometimes demanding schedules work. As we were learning how to accomplish our part here, many times other volunteers gave of their free time to make sure we were successful.


Our only regret is, as we are preparing to move on with our lives, we find the Volunteer staff here is going to be critically short handed come May. There does not seem to be a way to communicate CARE's needs to Escapees in general so I am using this method on this forum to ask - If you have ever thought of helping out at CARE or if you would like to reach out and help others but didn't know what to do, now is your chance - please contact the CARE Center and Volunteer now.


http://www.escapeescare.org/ for all the details or call 1-936-327-4256 and say you would like to help



Glen & Jaime Raab SKP#97600

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How does one Start a new Forum? CARE sure could use one...

To start a forum for CARE requires you to contact the admin and suggest it. It would not be a bad idea if someone from CARE would come to the forums and make regular updates about what is happening there and what they need. Just regular news notes would go a long way to publicize what they do and need, but the problem is finding someone who will be sure that happens. If they just make a new forum but then nothing happens there to build interest, it will soon just be a subject area where nobody ever posts and because of that, very few visit when there is a post. An excellent example is the current R Village forum. It has been a long time since any posts were made there.


Lacking someone to keep the CARE specific forum active, it would be much more effective if someone would just visit the volunteer forum with regular notes about what they do and what they need. I have tried in the past to get that to happen, but so far none of the promised reports have happened. Perhaps you could visit with someone on the CARE team about this being done?

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