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New foot powered washing machine


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Here is a new foot powered washing machine that looks great for boondocking as it only uses 2 gallons of water and no electricity. It looks like you could use it and drain it in your shower stall.




It's called the Drumi by Yiergo. It looks like it will sell for $129 intro price through tomorrow, after which it will sell for $169. It looks easier than cranking, but who knows how well it will hold up? I can't tell from the brief video but it looks like it might spin dry your small load too, saving the use of 2 machines.


Here's their website: http://www.yirego.com/#!our-product/c1t44


Whatchall think?





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There are certainly other options for boondockers, like the wonder washer and spin drier reviewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1hD-KYfmIY


I was thinking about buying this pair, but if this new machine will do virtually the same thing, not use any electricity and take up less space I thought it would be worth consideration. I think the wonder wash holds a little more, but uses a little more water. I guess the bottom line is which one cleans your clothes best and is the most convenient to use. I'd certainly rather use a foot pump than a hand crank. Here's another review on the Wonder washer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1hD-KYfmIY I guess it's best to just wait a while and see some independent reviews before I decide, as I have a few years before I will be buying one or the other.



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Do note it refers to "delicates" in their literature. That lets me out.

They included t-shirts as well. Don't think I've ever met an RVer who didn't wear t-shirts. :)


But, it sounds to me like this is still in development and they are simply taking orders now. The fact that talk about what materials it could be made of reinforces that.


Still, this could be a good way to keep your accelerator foot in good working order when parked long term.


Linda Sand

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