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Windows Phone Statistics

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I have never tried a Windows smart phone (although I had a few Nokias back in the day) so all I can say is that, from the analytics on my websites, fewer people are using the Windows phone than are using Linux desktops!


But, oddly enough, Windows Desktops always tops the list of "Operating System Families".


I keep a fairly close eye on the websites I admin and use two analytics utilities: one of them is Google's Analytics which is privy to some of Google's Adsense information (but never really enough) and the other is an open-source analytics utility called "Piwik".


Of the two, Piwik is the easiest to sift through. It actually tracks user activity by assigning them a unique identifier so their return visits can be drilled down into.


Yesterday, out of 648 unique visitors, 368 were using some version of Windows, 129 were using Android, 97 were using IOS (iPhone), 37 were on MAC desktops, 6 were using ChomeOS, 5 were using GNU Linux, 4 were using Windows Mobile, 1 was on a Blackberry, and 1 was "unknown".


This is pretty representative of the results lately.


Another interesting statistic is that the use of Internet Explorer is far below what it used to be. The top browser is now Firefox followed by Chrome, Mobile Safari, Chrome Mobile, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome Mobile OS, IE Mobile, and Opera Mini.


Internet Explorer has only 11.1% of the desktop market (which was 63.6% of my unique visitors.


Let's hope Nadella can steer MS away from the Cliff that Balmer aimed it at...





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I just did my quarterly statistics on three of the websites I maintain. ZERO windows Mobile devices. NONE. Interesting that you have some.


Mobile access on one website was 42%. Mobile access on my personal website (jackdanmayer.com) was down to 20%. I've seen it as high as 41%. But it is a pain to use on mobile and is gradually getting redone in Wordpress.


On an RV site rental website the most used browser was Chrome at 28%. IE was 7%. iPad was 12% and iPhone was 5%. Most used OS was W7 15%, and the combo of iPad and iPhone was 13%. Android was 4%. And this is on a non-responsive site.....which I am rewriting in Wordpress.


On an insurance company website I do mobile access was BIG: 71% mobile access. But zero on Windows Phone. This is a Wordpress site.

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Stanley... that's an interesting article. I really don't know if Nadella can turn them in time. Certainly, Server 2012 is a disaster in terms of administration. Two engineers two days to install an Exchange server? (See my other post under the Russian hacking group.) One "update" stopped the production Exchange server at 2am. The entire machine had to be rebooted to get it back into service when a tech came to work at 8am.


Luckily I have implemented the Linux Postfix box to both forward emails to the Exchange box and to archive them. I have been down this road before.


MS seems not to realize the rest of the world is out there. A simple (!) installation of Exchange onto Server 2012 R2 should be a matter of inserting the DVD or thumb drive and clicking on "setup". It should then determine what is needed to finish the installation, tell the admin what it's going to download and install, and then do it. Instead we get barely usable hints as to what is needed and then we have to find them and install them ourselves. And even then they won't let you download the required package from the technet website... I had to give them an email address and then they send me an email with a link to another page which lets me download it! This is simply a disaster in terms of production.


Installation of Postfix on Linux Centos distribution is: "yum install postfix".



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We'll catch up, especially after Windows 10 unification of the feel across the Windows ecosphere. I recognize I am in the minority but if folks think MS is gonna drop the ball on the mobile market think again. Just like they did tablets first, then Apple resurrected them and actually sold them, and Windows learned and came back with a truly superior tablet system running full PC OS'. It is gaining a lot of traction even with folks that have an iPad.


MS failed at the Zune when Apple made a brief success with the iPod, which are now all but abandoned by Apple, like RT is with MS. The Zune and the iPod charging hundreds of bucks for 32GB of music and video storage were overtaken by Android with the simple addition of SD cards with 32/64/128 GB of media storage, all for pennies on the media storage dollar compared to the Zune or the iPod. I just checked the iPod and for 32GB of storage on the touch, they want $249.00 today. 32GB of SDHC storage today is under $16.00 by and large, and the Android and Windows phones all have touch, so a good comparison. (http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A172282%2Ck%3A32gb%20sd%20card)


Android is outselling iPhones hand over fist because you get a smartphone and an iPod in one, for a lot less than either iPod or iPhone alone, that does more than either.


I think the new management of MS has already made a difference. They are now poised for July and Windows 10 across the board. And remember guys that your website stats won't count a Windows tablet as a mobile device because it does not use a mobile OS only like iPads do. A Windows tablet running the same OS will be counted as a Windows PC because they are tablet form factor PCs. So there will be, as the market matures across the boards, a fudge factor in mobile counting. As now. Jack, how many of those Windows PCs visiting your websites are Windows Tablet/mobile PCs like your TA100?


Yes MS has a tiny mobile market, but with the debut in a few weeks of the new MS Surface 3 tablet, which is no longer RT, but is their newest lower cost Atom line, that competes with all the other Atom based Windows tablets, things should change rapidly. It will also debut with the latest Atom quad core x7-Z8700 SoC and 4 GBs of RAM as well as a fast 128GB SSD for $599.99.


I appreciate that link Stan because I agree with Bell completely when he says:


"Nadella clearly doesn't follow that dogma, and has no qualms about putting Microsoft software on rival platforms. Just Cortana remains a Windows-only play, and for how much longer isn't certain.

As for the future, Bell thinks Microsoft should stick by its mobile platform, regardless of low market share and the howls of pain from loyalists. Why, exactly?

So when <insert disruptive technology here> blows up, Microsoft can say they kick ass at the cloud AND every endpoint your users might want. That’s huge. Keeping your eye on the horizon like that means that even in WP never goes past 5-10% market [share], who cares? They’re still very much in it.

There’s plenty more detail, and it’s a super read, here."


It points to a long term strategy that I am not seeing yet and will hold for until I get to try WP 10.


I also completely agree with the new users of Phone 8 being confused. I could not shut down programs or add new entries into my phone address book for a month. Now that I have mastered it I can understand why folks will blame MS instead of hanging in there and going online for videos and forums. I love the Lumia camera and the other features I think are missing, are promised in 10. I doubt that everyone will transition well at first either. I remember learning Android and that took me a few months before I thought I had mastered the files and file system, as well as Samsung Apps and store and then having to switch to the Google store.Apps and their hooks in my data. That was enough to impress upon me that I needed to run to WP 8. But just as I was frustrated and overcame 8 at first, and dumped RT almost immediately after I learned what I needed from it, I am not making any bets about anyone liking or even tolerating it until I see what they do. My wife said she is ready for her WP 10 phone as soon as I said the coast is clear I can show you how to use it in a day or three.


But I am not betting on it. I will bet however that if it is less than stellar in debut, both Win 10 and WP 10, that Natella will be immediately responsive to user input. No other company I can remember backed up and redesigned so fast a major release and then improved it, as we saw with Win 8.1.


No doubt I like MS to the exclusion of the rest, but I can also say I have tried them too. And there are people who wouldn't be happy if Natella hung them with a new rope! ;)

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Nadella clearly sees things better than Ballmer ever did.


I'd love to see MS pull this off... remember that I have held stock in MS since 1987. Getting a secure OS out of MS would please me no end.


I might even use it.



1993 Foretravel U225 with Pacbrake and 5.9 Cummins with Banks

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