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Hayes Brake controller t2000


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Any help with installing Hayes brake controller on my 2000 T2000. In the Volvo I tied into the air line that was behind the instrument cluster. I did a search and found a thread but it appears to not be available any longer. Which air line do I tap into? Which wire would I tap for brake light switch? Thanks in advance for the help.

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I used a BrakeSmart in my T2000 until I switched my trailer to the BluDot system, which also required a connection to the air brake circuit.


The pressure transducer (or the fitting for your tap line, if the Hayes is laid out differently) will screw into a port in the stop lamp switch, which is located under your instrument panel, on the driver's side. They didn't publish T2000-specific instructions, but I was able to figure out what I was looking for and install mine with the help of these instructions: http://www.patriotperformance.com/pdf/peterbilt330.pdf

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Hi Everyone,


I have a question on the install of the Hayes controller. Does the controller need to have a 20 amp circuit breaker ? I say a video from etrailer and they talked about installing a 20 amp circuit breaker with the controller.


Thanks for any help,


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Could (would?) you hook a Hayes controller to the trailer service line (or gladhand)? You'd need to cap the supply/emergency line, obviously, but you'd gain use of the johnson bar that way, right?


Connecting it at the stop lamp switch, as in the BrakeSmart directions that I linked to, will enable the actuation of the trailer brakes via the Johnson bar. That -- and the fact that the stop lamp switch is in close proximity to where he'll likely install the brake controller -- are what make it such a desirable location to tap the system.

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