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Steering Stabilizer Kit for "Newer" Volvos


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Found this while doing some research on the Hendrickson AIRTEK front suspension used on some Volvo's (and other's)




Lot's of info on this suspension....




Might also be something to add to the Resource Guide....Didn't see much there on this type of suspension.



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There really aren't any exotic suspension parts and pieces available for these trucks. Darryl hit the nail on the head -- the answer to improving bobtail ride is weight on the rear axle.


That's the reason that you'll seldom hear of someone putting an aluminum hauler bed on an HDT. Not only is steel cheaper and easier to work with, but the extra weight pays big dividends when bobtail.

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What year truck is this kit for ?




Al, it's based off of the axle used in the truck. I don't think it's as easy as identifying a year of truck since within that year, there are several axle options.


In the link that Scott provided earlier, it shows the axle options and the related kit part numbers - http://www.hendrickson-intl.com/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?guid=78622d55-29fe-4a29-b981-d1cfc2d387ca


However, I do believe that you should be able to contact a Volvo dealer with your VIN and they can point you to the correct part number.

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I'm looking into some ways (front/rear sway bar, coilover shocks, etc.) to improve the ride quality of my truck when bobtail. This would definitely be helpful. Thanks for the share.

I know you've heard of king shocks.

They do make rebuild able shocks for semi trucks.

As for coil overs. IMO The only time you would want to Run them is if your weight never changed. On a race car you're only variable normally is the amount of fuel you carry. So setting up spring rates and shock valving is not that big a deal.

On a semi your weights are always changing weather bobtail or fully loaded including your front axle. Again rather loaded or empty it changes the weight on your front axle. All of this is one of the key reasons airbags are used versus Leaf springs or coil overs.

I know the king shocks have had great reviews but come with a very big price tag. With the weight we Carry or don't carry not sure if it would be worth the cost. Unless you really plan on putting a lot of miles on your truck.


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