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backup camera

nena lynn

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What brand or camera/monitor is it? Am I correct in the belief that you are saying that the monitor is dark, so you assume that the camera is bad? Does the monitor react at all when you turn it on? Have you used a meter to see if there is power to the monitor, and if there is to the camera? If no power is there at all, it quite likely is a fuse but locating it will probably mean someone experience with the particular RV which you have. I would start by checking on the main fuse panel for the coach.

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I don't know if this will be helpful, but from what I've read, backup cameras frequently "leak". Moisture builds up inside and they die several months after a rainstorm from internal "rust". You can get very inexpensive replacement backup cameras at Amazon for less than $25, and most Walmarts carry them for less than $40. With a cheap spare, you can disconnect your camera, plug the new one in, and you'll know if the problem is the camera or something else.


I'm installing a stereo / DVD system which includes a backup camera in my RV tomorrow (if my wife doesn't derail my plans and FORCE us to enjoy the day at the park with the kids). There isn't a fuse between my stereo and the DVD player, but my camera won't work unless the ground wire is connected to the reverse gear, and the gear is in reverse.


Knowing how your camera is configured could help the conversation along. Is yours connected to a stand-alone monitor, a rear view mirror, or a stereo system?


If you have a stand alone monitor and it turns on but you don't see anything, it could be the camera or the wire to the camera. It kinda sounds like you have a dead "dark" stand alone monitor. If that's the case, I'd listen to Kirk's advice. If you can't find a fuse, your monitor could be dead. You can get replacement LCD monitors 4" wide and up for as little as $40 on eBay. I bought two last year for my home security system. If it's a stereo like mine or a rear view mirror, you could have a loose connection to the reverse gear. You're not likely to develop a loose connection to the gear unless you have wires sticking out under your dash that can get kicked, so I would suspect that last and least. The wires that run to your camera are frequently run under your chassis, so if you went over some brush they can get damaged. There are lots of other things to check but Kirk's advice might get you fixed. If not, give us more details.

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