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First of all, welcome to the Escapee forums! We are glad that you are becoming a part of our community and we will do all that are are able to help and support you.


On the roll issue, the make of the chassis is a factor as is the weight of the RV and how that weight compares to the weight ratings of the chassis. The first thing that I suggest is that you load the RV as you would for travel and then take it, with everyone on board, to a public scale and get at the minimum each axle weight. If it is on the Workhorse chassis it has front air bags and too little air pressure in them could play a part. In either chassis the rear springs could be starting to sag as is almost universal in gas chassis motorhomes because they tend to be very heavy and close to the GVWR for the chassis. Suspensions are not designed to operate at the maximum weight all of the time, or even as close to that as most gas motorhomes do so some rear sag over time is really quite normal. If that should be the case there are two ways to deal with rear springs, you can have then re-curved and/or a leaf added to them or you can add rear air bags, which is what I did with ours. In mine the sag became noticeable after about 7 years an at 8 years I had air bags installed and that solved a lot of handling problems.


No matter what you do, the first step is to get an accurate weight for the RV as it is now when you travel. Side to side weight is also a good thing if you can get it as the two sides too far out of balance will also have a major negative impact on handling. If you can find a truck scale that has no barriers along it's sides, you weigh first with both sides on the scale to get total weights, then a second time with only one side on the scale pads to get that one side. By subtracting the second axle weights from the first set you can determine the weight on each wheel.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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