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Leisure Acres Campground - Cleveland, GA


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I will be staying for 2 nights in Cleveland, GA on the 13th and 14th of next month. I might go check out Leisure Acres while I'm there. I am planning on staying at Gold and Gem Grubbin, as it is $28/night compared to Leisure Acres' $36/night rate (I'm prior service but don't have a military ID anymore to qualify for the military discount.) It does look like a nice CG in a beautiful area we like to frequent. Too bad I'm still working or I might take them up on the work camper position even though it's basically min. wage compensation. Anyway, the reason I'm going there is so my DW and I can do a little mining. We found this 6.5 carat beauty there (the pyrope garnet, not the penny) on a previous trip:





It's hard to see from the poor picture, but it looks like a deep red ruby and has no visible inclusions. It's not worth a lot, but my DW's eyes sure lit-up hen she found it. We've found some nice gem quality rubies, sapphires and emeralds in the area too worth quite a bit more than this "imitation ruby." I found a little alluvial gold too. Not a lot, (about 2.5 grams for 3-4 hrs. panning) but definitely worth my time - about $85 at todays prices (less $15 they charge for 1/2 day if river access) equals about $17/hr return. It's only $25 for a full day of panning through their tailing rich creek, but mining is hard work, and I'm just playing at it on vacation. That's a little more than min wage, and fun too. Of course there's no guarantee, as you will have good and bad days - plus there's a learning curve, as it does take a little skill. Still, some folks think it's more fun to be your own boss, set your own hours, the thrill of seeing gold flecks in your pan, the occasional eye popping nugget, etc. To each their own. Of course a couple could work camp 10 hrs/wk each and still have plenty of time for other entrepreneurial pursuits.



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