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Oil change in Walmart?


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Apologies if this has been aired before but our motorhome is due - by any definition of "due" (over 4k miles, 18 months and counting) - for an oil change n lube. I was planning on taking it to our, not always so friendly, Camping World outlet in Mesa AZ but apparently they are booked up three weeks solid, and our migration north begins in two weeks, so my question - as a clueless mechanophobe -is thus:

Should I just drive into the closest Walmart, cross my fingers and hope for the best or look nearby for an RV dealer, of which there are many?

To my mind the pros and cons are such;

Walmart - generally sloppy work, but cheap, no waiting list and they don't go looking for "problems".

RV Service center - more expensive and you would expect them to know exactly what they're lubing and what oil to use etc but might find something a lot more expensive to fix.


Our RV seems to be running fine, no strange noises anyway.


What think ye?

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Since your Fiesta has a gas powered chassis, I do have some experience with them so may be able to help. I have had many an oil change done by Walmart and have never had any problems from that, but I didn't ever have our motorhome (F53 chassis) serviced at Walmart. I did most of my own oil change/lube job activities myself but when I chose not to do so I took it to a truck shop for service, never to Camping World or any other RV dealership. I would think that in Mesa there would be numerous other shops that could change the oil for you.


I would also offer one other thought. In my view you would be wise to go to an oil change pattern of 3500/4000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.

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You can tell if a Walmart will do an oil change on a gas motorhome by going into the store and looking at their oil change price list. If the list includes an RV oil change for around $50 you're set.


The requirements are that they have a large door and an oil change pit instead of lifting the cars into the air.


I use Wal-Mart whenever I can, and I've never had a problem with their oil change. And they grease the chassis - it isn't that different from greasing a pickup truck, except there are a couple more grease points in the carrier bearings in the long driveshaft.

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Hi All, I use them every now and then, but I always check them out first. I'll buy my brand of oil and filter in the store and then go to the service department and have them change the oil and filter (only) and they charge me twenty dollars, of course as said I've already bought my oil and filter inside, that way I get the shelf price. I've only had one problem doing this in a number of years. Once they didn't use my filter, they used there brand, don't know how but I informed them and they did it all over again, worked for me!
BobQ :)

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Popped into my local Walmart and asked whether they could do an oil change on an RV. The first respondent wasn't really quick out of the gate with his answer but kinda, sorta said yes. He was immediately overruled by a heavier set man who burst out of the bay and insisted that they weren't set up for RV's (why the 15 ft roll up door then, I thought to myself). Almost like a Monty Python sketch, an apparently more senior technician, if not the manager himself, appeared on the scene and declared that they could do an oil change but I'd have to bring my own filter as they don't sell them.

This didn't exactly fill me with confidence so I decided to fork out the extra bucks and made an appointment with the RV sales and service outfit conveniently situated next to our RV resort.

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I like Jiffy Lube. You can call first to make sure the one you would go to has a large bay and a pit, but I think they all do. It's a nationwide chain with a shared computer system so any one you go to will have your records from previous visits. In addition to the oil change they check and top off all your other fluids. Then they vacuum your cab and wash all your windows!

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