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Airlander 10:’ Amazing Facts Behind World’s Largest Aircraft


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The Airlander 10 has actually already flown for the Army who dropped the project. But it has been revived and will become the largest craft to fly next year. The article also has a neat 1:40 second video on the bottom of the page.




"The Airlander 10 is set to make its debut as the world’s largest aircraft in 2016, receiving new funding from the EU for green transport initiatives and others. The ship takes the best parts of a blimp, hovercraft, helicopter, and airplane and puts them all into one interesting-looking aircraft (as some commentators have pointed out, it looks like a butt).

It’s difficult to classify the Airlander 10. The aircraft uses helium for about 40 percent of its lift. Then four propellers, two in front and two in back, provide the additional boost to get off of the ground. Bloomberg reports the vessel then leverages its aerodynamic design to stay afloat.


According to Fox News, the Airlander is 302 feet long, roughly 50 feet longer than a Boeing 747. It may not win any contests for being fast, with a top speed of 100 miles per hour, but it can land virtually anywhere: ice, sand, snow, even water.


It can also carry 50 tonnes of cargo up to 1,600 miles.


The aircraft has the ability to hover in the same spot for about five days while humans are onboard. Without people, it can stay in the same place for weeks.


The vessel has collected a diverse group of fans and investors over the years. Most recently, the EU announced it will give the company making the Airlander, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a €2.5 million ($2.7 million) grant from a fund designed for low-carbon air transport. According to the Verge, that amount comes in addition to another £3.4 million ($5 million) grant from the United Kingdom.


The company is looking for even more investors on Crowdcube."


The original article with much more is here: http://www.inquisitr.com/1997389/airlander-10-amazing-facts-behind-worlds-largest-aircraft/

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