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Prickly pear jelly


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I'm just curious if anyone might have a tried and true recipe for prickly pear jelly. I've tried a couple of recipes off the internet the past couple of years, but they just don't seem to taste like what "mom used to make". Generally overly sweet and not a whole lot of flavor.

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Wow...you would think that someone here makes it. I guess you are on your own Yarome....


I know right! I've been watching like a hawk and not a single recipe aside from the internet. I'm on batch 5 and I keep going from overly sweet to knock your socks off sour. There has got to be some kind of science to it all. :lol:

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I have never made Prickly Pear jelly, this is the site I go to for all other jellies that I have made. One thing I have learned is to reduce the pectin just a bit and reduce the sugar called for. Once you get the sweetness to the desired level (by taste) you can add a little more pectin if needed to make it gel. This site is also good for canning and other preserving.



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Here's the recipe:
2 1/2 cups prickly pear cactus juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
5 cups sugar
1 box of powdered pectin (18 teaspoons-note that not all pectin brands contain the same amount in a box, so measure it out to make sure)

Hard boil cactus fruit juice, pectin and lemon juice for 3 minutes. Hard boil means the point at which the brew still bubbles even when you stir it. Add sugar and bring back to a hard boil for 2 minutes or until the jell point is reached

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Sure appreciate that Chalkie and Allexis! I'll give it a try.



I don't do anything special with the fruit, right? Just cut into quarters, steam them and squeeze them out with cheesecloth?


Looks like I'm going to town soon. B)

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