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weBoost Cradle Amp: What DBM should I see on my Jetpack?

Al F

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What DBM signal level should I see on my Verizon Jetpack 6620L when I put it in the weBoost cradle?


If my jetpack is sitting on the table, my DBM is in the -91 to -94 DMB. When I put it in the cradle the DBM increases to about -87.


Shouldn’t it jump to a much higher signal level, something like -70DBM? After all it is no longer connecting directly to the remote tower but to the cradle it is sitting in.


Is there a specific way to put the Jetpack in the cradle? Screen facing down into the cradle or facing so you can see the screen; the jetpack name pointing up or down? Or does it matter?


From the 3Gstore’s website there is a tutorial about how to determine if a signal booster will help you. One of the things in the tutorial is with 4G LTE if your DBM is -70 from the tower then you are getting as good a signal as you could every hope for.



If your starting signal is better than -80dBm (for 3G) or -70dBm (for 4G), it is unlikely that an antenna or amplifier will help you much, if at all (you may be able to improve your signal, but you are most likely already getting the best possible performance the tower can offer).


So shouldn’t my jet pack jump from whatever over the-air-signal is, to down to in the -70 range shortly after I put it in the cradle?


FYI I just got my weBoost Cradle Amplifier for my cellphone & jetpack and trying to verify that it is doing what it is supposed to do. We are in our sticks & bricks, but I bought it for use while traveling, not at home.

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