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Full Timing Starting Next Friday


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We finally bought our first ever RV and will pick it up next Friday in Denton, TX. Purchased from I-35 RV. It's a 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire. We walked into one that just fit. Wife said pick one of these three and the Newmar was the choice. My first driving lesson will be pulling out of I-35 RV onto I-35 South and heading to Brookshire, TX. We'll be headquartered here at the Houston West RV Park until I finish my six month part-time transition work about August. Then we are on the road. Certainly hope to have a destination by then.


Hope to enjoy the journey and share the experience.


Bob and Carol



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Welcome to the world of RV living! I notice that you have chosen to buy from a different dealer and in a different location so hope that means that you found an even better deal. Just take your time as you get headed out on to the road with it and avoid driving in rush hour traffic and you should be fine. I hope your insurance search went well and that you found what you needed!


Keep us posted and let us know how things go on the trip back to base with your new home. Feel free to drop in for help and support as often as needed, or just to share some thoughts & experiences! :D

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Correct Kirk. Had to keep looking since the first used coach I wanted to buy did not pass inspection. This one will not have any issues but is also being inspected next week to be safe. Smitty's Welding in Houston is installing the Blue Ox base plate next week. Have not decided on which braking $y$tem to use. Still doing research on that one.

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There are many quality brake systems available so there is a good range in technology and operating method, and most of them have a solid history and reputation. It is a good subject for a separate discussion with many different good reasons for the various choices.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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