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My wife and I work on the road with construction company's that rebuild boilers in power plants for years we have towed 5ers well after the first and last trip so far to Utah I said enough was enough towing the trailer with a one ton f350 I was buyn a large car well when we got home we found kinda what I was lookn for a 90model 379 long nose pete (woulda loved an ol needle nose pete ) well to make a long story short I was just in GA and was talkn to one of yall with a Volvo and he was telln me bought this site and et hitches heck I weld and fabricate in power plants I was just gonna fab up my ol b&w but taking my time and now learning a lot and going to be asking a lot of questions Thank U to the guy from Canada for the info

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And a big welcome to the Escapee forums! While many of us here are retired now, there is a growing segment of the group who still work for a living. The club was actually begun by a group of folks who were following jobs in the construction trades. Joe Peterson, husband of the founding couple was a construction electrician. Working or not, we all have a great deal in common with our love of RV living. Join into any or all of the different forums. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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Thank u as u can tell im not real swift with the computer thing lol so many things to get done on the farm on what lil time we have off yall know how construction is feast or famon can yall tell me what kinda cost am I looking at for an et hitch for my 379 pete I sure do appreciate any and all advice

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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