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Removing gauges/dash pod


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Gen 2 Volvo,


Did anyone remove the dash gauges to repair them? My fuel was acting flaky last year and just today, my primary tank pegged and is upside down right now. I saw a video online on how to replace the stepper motors. Anyone done this yet?


Priced a new gauge pod at the dealer, $1158 out the door..



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I had a speedo repair guy come right to the house. He changed 4 motors and cost me about $300. The trim over the cluster pulls down. The woodgrain trim underneath must be removed starting at the outside edges (far left for left side and far right for right side). It hooks in the middle. My air brake knobs just unscrewed some have roll pins. Once you have the trim off everything is held in with torx screws. My gauges acted up for at least a year especially when cold. Once the cab was good and warm they would return to normal after cycling the key a few times.



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Got her off a short while ago. I then took the electronics back to the truck and adjusted the needles where they should be.. It worked great for two gauge tests, but started slipping out of adjustment after that. I need to get two replaced I guess.


Here is a few pictures of what the back of the pod looks like.




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some here also.....http://www.amazon.com/Mustang-Stepper-Instrument-Speedometer-Dashboard/dp/B004WBAD0U/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1B1M0PXPY5XSV2SE2B8J


Buyer beware I cannot confirm country of origin on these....The one's listed on the earlier post seem to be Swiss made.


Seems the "X C5 589" crosses over to a "X25 589"......


I have a gauge or two that is a bit "sluggish"...... I think I'll take a chance and try some of these out.


Thanks for posting the picture with the part numbers.....

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For sure they are not the GM motors. The guy that did mine had at least 50 GM motors and a bunch of Ford and Mercedes motors as well. He had to order the ones for my Volvo as they were different. One company online I saw was http://karmanauto.com/product/volvo-semi-truck-tractor-speedometer-gauges-dashboard-instrument-cluster-repair-parts.



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They are the same on ford mustangs.


I ordered these last night. http://www.ebay.com/itm/371022355188?item=371022355188 (Thanks for the Amazon link, the black ones are updated and wouldn't work for my idea posted below.. plus they don't ship to Canada :( I may get some extra this fall though from there)


The problem I see, which I will post soon as I get the parts (likely next month) is to take one of mine apart, inside is two cogged wheels and two small coils like you would see inside an old snowmobile magneto. They have prongs going through them into the other side of the circuit board where they would be soldered in. To reach these.. ALL the needles would need to be pulled off and then take the dash gauge part off the board. I am going to try one with just replacing the guts from inside one of the good steppers to my weak one. This would save taking the dash apart further and possible mess up another one in the process. If it don't work, I am only out 10 minutes of work and a quick hookup to test the gauge diagnostics.. IF it does work, I saved about a hour of work and possible other issues with pulling the needles off.


EDIT, takes about 10 minutes to take the dash out the first time, this evening I put it back in until I get the parts, took about 4 minutes to have it all back in, hooked up and bolted in with trim back on. Easiest dash I ever saw for removing lol

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