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Fridge...can something like this be repaired?

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I'm purchasing a 1992 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow. The fridge doesn't work and this is what the current owner emailed me.


"The fridge is a model that has at least a relay problem. It went out before and I took it down to an RV repair shop thinking new fridge. It was just a $12.00 relay. They said this happens to this model. It was a design flaw and nothing can be done to cure it other than new fridge."


The fridge is an S620 Silhouette by Dometic.


Any feedback is appreciated :)

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If you visit Bryant RV you can download a copy of the service manual for that series of refrigerators. I have no experience working on that particular model but I sure would not spend much to repair a refrigerator that is 23 years old. If I have the right manual (I think that I do) there is a relay shown on the schematic but I see no mention of it in the trouble shooting section. I'd be very surprised if you can get one of them for $12 and would not be at all surprised if you found parts for that model difficult to find parts for it.

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I would get the relay part number and verify you can still get the part for a 23 year old fridge, assuming it's the original fridge. If I was the owner and knew this was a common repeat problem I would have purchased 2 and carry one as a spare, $12 is cheap for a spare known problem part. Our Dometic died in less than 7 years and was replaced with a much more reliable (and less expensive) household fridge as we do not boondock. You might want to consider your purchase price taking into account a fridge replacement cost. Greg

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Looks like a fairly simple circuit. Can't you just purchase another relay? And if the relay is the cause of the failures, maybe it's just not rated for this particular job. Any buddies that know electronics available? I'd rather replace the relay with a higher rating than buy a new fridge.



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