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Grrr! Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate


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Finally have the RV situated at a nice RV park with a wonderful bay front view of the Texas Gulf coast. Since we got the RV there in early March, we've only been there for five days. It is supposed to be our "weekend getaway" from our SnB home for the next several months as work and weather permits.


But the weather every weekend has been AWFUL!


Icy conditions, winds in excess of 45 mph, or, since the weather has warmed a bit, thunderstorms every weekend. Next weekend is forecast for 80 percent chance of thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday. We can't seem to catch a break.


If the weather is crappy, I'd rather be stuck inside my nice SnB home with a happy wife and three dry dogs than be trapped in the RV with my DW and three wet, smelly dogs. (The dogs to have to go out from time to time. :) )


Come on, Summer!

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I hear ya. My property has suffered this year from flooding. Our new to us fiver is in a storage lot three miles from us until the ground dries up enough to get some trucks in with gravel for its parking pad and the driveway itself. We are getting a brand new manufactured home delivered as soon as it dries up and need the road fixed right for it and to live in the fiver until it is in and done. We're just two culverts and 50 tons of gravel away from being ready. Congrats on having a great getaway! We went from fulltime to our current acreage in 2003 and are only just now getting back into a nice fiver - WEATHER PERMITTING!


I bet folks in California wish they could get some of it, and next year we'll be wishing they had some too.


No sense complaining - talk2hand.gif

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We spent a month in Galveston this winter almost right on the beach. It was miserable. We left early and headed back to AZ and the sun and warmth. It will be a very long time before we go back to Texas...if ever. But that is us ....we like the sun.

While this has been a wet winter in TX, it has been sooo dry that most of us are happy to have the rain to put up with. But don't think tht AZ is always dry. Our winter at Imperial NWR just north of Yuma was very cool and wet. It was a near record winter for rain and there were many washed out roads in some of the LTVA camping areas. It can happen anywhere.

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