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Reefer Madness

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We gave ourselves two weeks to get the new floor in. That gave us wiggle room just in case something went terribly awry.

It did. In Spades.

We got all of the carpet up and found a rotted patch of floor directly under the corner of the passenger side window. I took care of that, but it cost the better part of a day to get it done right.

While I was re-sealing the offending window, (I re-sealed all of them, if one went, then all of them must be on the brink) the wife took a tumble off the steps, and tweaked her back. She was out of the project for 2 days.

The Pergo™ type floor in the galley had been glued down and in removing it, large divots were left. Two days of filling those, and sanding smooth.

We started the floor install (It looks great so far) We had just started on the hall/bath area when the fridge died. It was midnight.

I remember reading someplace that there was a residential that pretty much slid right into the opening where the Norcold N841 is sitting, but for the life of me I just can't find the link.

Neighbours are letting us use their spare fridge outside, however we're going to need to do a swap as soon as the floor is done.

Anyone have information on that swap? I know there's a PDF for a larger model, and it will be a great help when it comes down to the actual job at hand. I need a model number that will fit the opening that the Norcold N841 is in now...

Thanks in advance,

Da Bear



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Nick Russell recently installed a Samsung He had a write up with more detail in the last Gypsy Journal.

Nice, but the space for mine is a tad bit too small for something that large. I thought someone had posted something about a ten cu. ft. model that would fit with relatively few problems. Right now something with few problems would be a boon to my existance.

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Yup. That Whirlpool is the refrigerator I installed when my Norcold N841 died a couple of years ago. It's also available as a Maytag and a couple of other brands.


I ran black duct tape between the edge of the refrigerator and the edge of the opening to seal any gaps - just lay it down flat on the front of the wood compartment and wrap it up the side of the refrigerator - mine sticks out about 1/2" further than the front of the compartment.


This seals any air gaps that exist between the refrigerator and the cutout, and the tape is covered by the wood trim around the edge of the fridge. Also helps anchor the fridge in place.

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Definitely go with a PSW inverter. Samsung no longer recommended running their unit with a MSW inverter which is what I have for the whole coach. When I installed my Samsung in place of the old Norcold 1200 I added a separate 600 watt inverter dedicated to run that fridge. I have no problems dry camping.


Is the Whirlpool the most energy conservative unit that will fit in your coach?

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When I was checking on this a couple years ago this one seemed like the most likely candidate:


That particular 10cf Whirlpool consumes 386 KWH/yr according to its energy star rating.


The 9.9cf Vissani model from Home Depot is cheap, at only $298 but consumes 329 KWH/yr.


However this 10cf Frigidare http://www.sears.com/frigidaire-10-cu-ft-top-freezer-refrigerator-white/p-04602442000P?prdNo=42&blockNo=42&blockType=G42 only consumes 296 KWH of energy/yr. This is important if you will be boondocking and running the fridge off your inverter, as it will use less power from your batteries/solar system. It costs $182 more than the Home Depot fridge, at $480 but not nearly as much as those Dan Foss powered "solar" fridges, like a 10cf Sun Frost RF12. Though the Sun Frost is certainly more efficient, (consuming only 171KWH/yr) it is much more bulky (taking up much more room), weighs 100 lbs more and costs $2,600+, making the Frigidare a good compromise between energy efficiency, price, size and weight. Requiring only about 200 watts of solar to replace what it uses. For comparison the Whirlpool will take about 265 watts of solar to power it.



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Right now we have the new fridge set up out in the shed that comes with our space. This thing is pretty quiet....

Both of us have lived in smaller spaces than this with ancient refrigerators, so a bit of noise in this space will not be too much to deal with. A small price to pay for the security of our foodstuffs.

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I see no mention of compressor noise in these discussions. Is it not an issue? The Sears model listed 45db which seems to me to be possibly intrusive in the small space of an RV. Any comments?

It is not an issue for us. We have a 24 cuft Whirlpool side-by-side and I think it is quieter or about the same as the 12 cuft Norcold it replaced.

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It is not an issue for us. We have a 24 cuft Whirlpool side-by-side and I think it is quieter or about the same as the 12 cuft Norcold it replaced.

Interesting, our Norcold makes no noise whatsoever. Even when its on propane, the only way I know for sure the burner is running is to go outside and put my ear to the cover.

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