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Yosemite September 2015


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I'm in the early planning stage for my first RV trip to Yosemite starting around the third week of September 2015. Once there I will spend an extra week at the less popular Yosemite campgrounds, but want to start in Yosemite Valley. So far I'm thinking Lower Pines Campground (site 16 looks good) for its good access to the Shuttle and Amphitheatre etc., but I'm not sure how necessary reservations are the third week in September????? After a couple weeks in and around Yosemite I plan to drive south to Kings Canyon and Sequoia and maybe a few of the National Forest Camps before I head further south to San Diego to visit my son. Dry camping suits me well with all my Solar equipment and am looking for scenic level sites close to shuttles or scenic drives etc.


Looking for tips and advice regarding 29 ft Motorhome camping in Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia third week of September through October.


John T in Indiana

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I doubt that any sites in Lower Pines (or any valley floor campground) are still available; reservations open 7 months in advance and campgrounds fill literally within seconds of opening. You could check Reserve America, but you will want to have a "Plan B" ready!


Sequoia/Kings Canyon are also very popular, certainly not to the degree that Yosemite is, but you will want to check out the campground status at those parks, too, and NOW! Some, like Azalea in Sequoia, are FCFS, but they can fill very quickly, even in late September and October. All the campground *information* (not reservations; those are through RA) and any other information you need for any of the parks are available on the parks' websites:






Good luck.

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I just checked the TUOLUMNE MEADOWS site [which is my personal favourite] for you. For early September they are fully booked.


As others have said the only way is to be online at midnight when they release the booking and book right away.


Get there early on a Sunday and try for a non reservable site. Talk to the rangers I have found them to be very helpful. Mind you our white long coat German Shep helped.

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